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Maintenance and Maintenance of Aluminum Grate Flooring

Aluminum grate flooring long-term use and maintenance is very important, we must develop a good habit of regular cleaning and regular inspection, proper maintenance. Aluminum grate flooring use for 30 years is generally no problem, the specific maintenance methods are as follows:

1. In peacetime, keep clean and do not be covered with all kinds of dirt, especially some corrosive residues.

2.Aluminum grate flooring fixed by bolts must be checked regularly, pay attention to whether the bolts are loose, and deal with hidden dangers in time.

3. It is found that there is no galvanizing layer, so the rust-proof paint should be painted in time.

Users should check the packing list and product quality certificate (instructions) of the aluminum grate flooring products when receiving the goods. Aluminum grate flooring manufacturer deliveries are generally provided, which is the basis for product acceptance.

Aluminum grate flooring, galvanized grille, spliced grille, trench cover, pedal and other products manufactured by regular aluminium grate flooring manufacturer will indicate in the product contract the steel material used in the grille products, the specifications and models of the grille plates, the surface treatment methods of the products, as well as the appearance and quality performance of the products. The inspection result and purpose are used as the quality reference index of steel grille so that users can check and verify it. Whether the surface of steel grille products is welded smoothly and firmly, and whether the transportation process is deformed or not.