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It Turns Out That Perforated Panels are So Useful

Perforated Plate, as the name implies, is a board obtained by punching holes in different materials.

Material: stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, iron plate, low carbon steel plate, copper plate, etc.
Process: Different metal plates are cut into suitable sizes and punched on a CNC punching machine.
Hole type: round hole, square hole, prismatic hole, triangle hole, five-pointed star hole, long round hole, etc.

There are many types of Perforated Plate patterns. Whether it is conventional patterns, special patterns or image customization, HY Industrial can meet the needs of customers.

The Perforated Plate has a history of nearly 150 years. It was originally developed as a filter and sorter, mainly used in the mining industry. Facts have proved that with the development of science and technology, its use has quickly expanded beyond its original function. It has been widely used in architecture, landscape and interior design.

Perforated Plate are now used in a wide range of applications. In many buildings, large-area Perforated Plate are used to design metal curtain walls, which highlight the existing modern fashion and majestic momentum.

In addition to as beautiful and elegant decorative board, the perforated board also has strong functionality, which can play a role in shading, ventilation, heat dissipation, and noise absorption. We are in an era of high incidence of noise pollution. With the convenience of transportation, cars have become popular, and roads are overcrowded. We can imagine how painful the noise pollution caused by thousands of cars on the road is. Perforated Plate can solve this problem.

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