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How Many Millimeters Is The Twisted Square Steel Used In Steel Floor Grating?

The twisted square steel used in steel floor grating is 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. The diameter of the twisted steel is not specifically required by the customers. The steel floor grating manufacturer usually calculates the steel floor grating parity according to 6 mm. The steel floor grating is generally made of carbon steel. The appearance of the steel floor is hot-dipped, which can prevent oxidation. It can also be made of stainless steel. Steel floor grating has ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid, explosion, and other properties.

Problems to be noticed in steel floor grating welding:

1. At each intersection of load flat steel and crossbar, it should be fixed by welding, riveting or pressing lock.
2. Pressure resistance welding or arc welding are preferred for steel floor grating.

3. Steel floor grating can be fixed by pressing the bar into the load flat steel by a press.

4. Steel floor integration should be processed into various shapes according to the needs of users.

5. The spacing of the load flat steel and the spacing of the crossbar can be determined by the supplier and the demander according to the design requirements. As an industrial platform, it is suggested that the spacing of load flat steel should not be greater than 40 mm and the spacing of the crossbar should not be greater than 165 mm.

Steel floor grating is divided into different series according to different uses:

Series 1 (30mm spacing) steel floor grating is a common type, which is widely used in various industrial fields. The center distance of this series of steel floor grating bearing flat steel is 30mm, which meets the requirements of American standards. In the whole series of steel floor grating, it has a strong resistance to surface impact. It is widely used in power plants, refineries, sewage treatment plants, granaries, chemical plants, highways, airports and wharves and other platforms, walkways and drainage ditch covers, staircase steps, etc. The toothed steel floor grating can be used in wet and greasy places, especially for offshore oil production platforms.

Series 2 (40mm spacing) steel floor grating is economical and portable. It meets the specifications of fixed platforms, walkways and staircases stipulated by British standards. It is an ideal product in small spacing situations. It can also be used as shelves, floors, and stacks of warehouses, even under a load of transportation equipment walkways. Bridges, fences, sun curtains, etc.