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Guide for Installation of Stainless Steel Iandrail Column

1. The installation of stainless steel handrail stanchion is generally welded (except special sizes). The material of the electrode used should be the same as the base material. The installation sequence of the stainless steel handrail post should start from the starting elbow, followed by the straight handrail. The interface of the stainless steel handrail post should be cut correctly according to the required angle and filed with a metal file to avoid inaccurate cutting, causing the handrail to bend and difficult to install.

When installing, the starting point elbow and the railing post by spot welding are fixed, and it will be welded firmly after checking. After the elbow is installed, the two ends of the straight handrail are temporarily fixed by spot welding to the two ends of the column, and at the same time, one end of the straight handrail is butt-jointed and fixed by spot welding. There should be a 2-3mm welding gap at the handrail interface, and then pull the line to connect the handrail. It is fixed by spot welding with each column. After the inspection meets the requirements, the interface and the handrail and the column are welded firmly according to the welding requirements.

When welding (especially in winter construction), the welding current, voltage, and welding temperature should be mastered to prevent the current from being too large or too small and unstable voltage, which affects the quality and appearance of the welding.

2. After the installation of a longer metal armrest (especially outdoor handrails), its joints should be installed with movable interfaces that can adapt to temperature changes and expand. The expansion and contraction of the movable joint, if the design is not required, generally consider 20mm. The outdoor stainless steel handrail post should also consider setting up leaking holes at the retractable place. The connection between the root of the stainless steel handrail stanchion and the concrete and brick wall surface should generally adopt a retractable fixing method to avoid bending and deformation of the handrail due to expansion and contraction. A decorative cover should be installed at the root of the connection between the armrest and the wall.

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