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The "SWAGE" product of HY Industry Corporation Limited can also make furniture. And HY Industry has filed for a patent.

Why are HY Industry products suitable for furniture?

First of all, aluminum alloy is one of the most abundant product elements in nature. It won't run out of energy because of the development. And the use of aluminum alloy furniture reduces the logging of trees and protects the environment.

Secondly, there is no pollution of aluminum alloy products. No matter from raw materials or production processing, they do not produce any pollution, and will not cause any impact on the environment.

Most importantly, the aluminum alloy furniture is zero discharge, does not produce formaldehyde and other pollutants. It is safe and healthy for the family or office use. Most of the furniture in the market, including the home decoration which contains harmful substances such as formaldehyde, has a great hidden danger to the health of life. But our "SWAGE" furniture can be safely used without worrying about harmful substances.

Introduction of "SWAGE" furniture

So far, the indoor home successfully designed according to the "SWAGE" products are the following: desks, conference tables, dining-tables, front desks, coffee tables, TV cabinets, bookshelves, bars, indoor screens, etc. At the same time, we are involved in project engineering such as Tongji University. We are also designing the interior flower shelves and other products and the rest will also be updated.

Most of the "SWAGE" furniture is made by connecting swaged aluminum grating, according to the common market or home size, assembled with different sizes and different specifications of aluminum grating. They include ordinary flat plain aluminum grating, T bar grating, and aluminum louver, etc. Especially, a variety of desktop uses T bar grating. The flange texture of the surface also is slip-resistant, and if we put the arm on it, it is very comfortable.

Aluminum grating and aluminum louver made of "SWAGE" products can be used as an indoor screen. It not only has the partition effect but also make sure its ventilated light function. And it can also play the role of security guard against theft because of metal characteristics. We also can apply "SWAGE" product to the design of ground shelf, and other furniture referring to the design of bookshelf.

The "SWAGE" product, being naturally oxidated, appears bright silver-grey. It is very suitable for modern simple decoration style. We can also use the surface treatment of spray for different decorating style, and make the product presents various color to satisfy different decorate tonal styles.

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