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Introduction of Fencing:

The metal fencing can be made of aluminum frame, aluminum stanchions and steel grid plate. It has the features of neat appearance, high strength and convenient installation. Aluminum plate and aluminum stanchion surface can be oxidized or sprayed, steel grid and iron stanchion can be printed to prevent corrosion, it can also be treated with hot galvanization. Metal grate fencehas beautiful style and it is durable. It is a new type of building products. It is widely used in garden park, oil exploration, field storage maintenance, golf course and other field needing fencing.

The aluminum stanchions (iron stanchions) guardrail is a new type of ball connected rail structure. It has the advantages of simple installation and durability. Its surface is treated with oxidation and spraying (hot galvanizing), which is easy to maintain

Specifications of HY Perforated Metal Fencing:

Aluminum security mesh fencing has a variety of specifications, including the different sizes and spacing of flat aluminum, the specific size can refer to the product manual or consult customer service.

HY industrial aluminum stanchions (iron stanchions) adopts the ball connection style, which has the characteristics of beautiful appearance and strong connection.

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