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Features of Aluminum Grating

The aluminum grating is one of the ceiling materials produced in recent years. It has an open vision and excellent ventilation and air permeability. Its lines are bright and neat, with distinct levels, reflecting the simple and clear modern style, easy to install and dismantle, and has become the main product popular in the decoration market in recent years. More suitable for use in public places, decorated with a unique and beautiful space.

Through the specific shape of the unit body and unit combination, the interior of the building is covered but transparent, and the grid is arranged vertically, horizontally and obliquely, which increases the overall artistic effect of the facing. It has the following characteristics:

1. High-quality aluminum alloy plate can be used for decoration with open frame system;

2. Uniform color, indoor use, and 10 years of quality assurance of no color change;

3. The connection of the aluminum grating is firm, and each grille can be disassembled repeatedly, which is convenient for maintenance;

4. It can be installed quickly by welding or bolt connection;

5. Light weight and high strength

6. High consistency, neat arrangement, clean and spacious space, not dull and inflexible.

HY Industry can provide all kinds of aluminum gratings (aluminum grids). It is a manufacturer of aluminum gratings (aluminum grids), mainly including plane aluminum gratings, toothed aluminum gratings, I-shaped aluminum gratings, T-shaped aluminum gratings, swallowtail aluminum gratings, compressed aluminum gratings, etc. The aluminum gratings from HY Industry adopt swage special technology, which is a series of swage brand products. We can produce the maximum length of 7500mm and the maximum width is 1500mm. We can also produce other sizes of aluminum gratings according to the requirements of customers.