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Characteristic and Maintenance of Aluminium Louvers

Aluminum louvers are a kind of curtain widely used today, which are mainly made of not easy rusty aluminum alloy. Aluminum louvers are more decorative and durable than louvers made of other materials. In the premise of quality, the aluminium louvers which sells on the market now, pay more attention to diversity of styles. Following is the characteristic and maintenance methods of aluminium louvers.

Characteristics of aluminum louvers

1. Aluminum louvers have excellent shading and shielding, which are flexible and do not easy to be out of shape, and they can effectively resist ultraviolet ray.

2. Aluminum louvers have smooth blade surface, which touches comfortable by hand, and are rich in colors, and have wonderful resilience and toughness.

3. Aluminum louver can be manually or through the electric machine control ray of light, which is easy to use.

4. Aluminum window louvers have a widely available range. You can control the ray of light and brightness according to your own need when using. It has excellent shading and privacy.

5. Aluminum louvers will not fade in the sunlight for a long time. Adopting the aluminum blades with high heat reflectivity, it can reflect most of the sunlight heat, contributing to improving the cooling and heating effect of air conditioner, so as to achieve the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Maintenance Method One of Aluminium louvers

The aluminium louvers that hangs in the balcony, sitting room or different rooms, are most easily polluted by dust. Therefore you should clean dust for it regularly, otherwise its effect will be affected, and it can affect the people's visual effect at the same time.  

Maintenance Method Two of Aluminium louvers

Before clean, prepare a pair of rubber gloves and a pair of cotton gloves, and then dip a little bit steeped detergent with hands wearing rubber gloves, and then wipe every blade of aluminium louvers. After the wipe, use the same method with clear water to wipe the blade with detergent, finally put on dry cotton gloves to make it dry.