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Definition of Aluminium Ceiling:

The aluminum grille ceiling is a kind of ceiling that is distributed by the lord and the deputy bone in scientific structure, it is good for light transmission and ventilation. Metal grate ceiling has strong space stereo feeling, and it plays an important role in adornment industry. Aluminum ceiling is widely used in various engineering decorations, especially suitable for decoration projects such as airports, restaurants, supermarkets, stations, shopping malls and entertainment fields.

The lighter weight aluminum grille ceiling can greatly reduce the pressure caused by the material to the roof, and the construction is simple and the construction efficiency is increased. Open grid ceiling can make the air flows inside and outside the room freely. Since it keeps indoor air fresh, it is a good choice for furniture adornment decorating.

The Characteristics of Ceiling Grate:

Aluminum grille is a common aluminum ceiling decorative material. The aluminum grille has an open vision and a simple modern style that meet the modern aesthetic requirements.

The aluminum grid is durable and environmentally friendly.There are wide choices for its color.
Aluminum grille is made of aluminum alloy, and the material is one of the main reasons for the rapid occupation of grille ceiling. The aluminum grille is not only light but also fireproof, more importantly, it is easy to install, and it is durable, and environmentally friendly, and recycled.

The Advantages of Metal Steel Grid Ceiling:

1. Saving materials: under the same load conditions, it is the most material-saving way,  accordingly, it can reduce the supporting structure of the material.
2. Less investment: saving materials, saving labor, free of cleaning and maintenance.
3. Simple construction: with bolted reinforcement on pre-installed support, one person can complete it.
4. Saving time: the product does not require site reprocessing, installation is very fast.
5. Durable: hot galvanizing anticorrosive treatment before delivery, strong resistance to impact and pressure.
6. Modern style: beautiful appearance, ventilated and transparent, give a person with the overall modern feeling.
7. Light structure: less material, light structure, and easy lifting.
8. Dirt resistant: no rainwater, snow and dust accumulation.
9. Reduce wind resistance: due to good ventilation performance, wind resistance is small.
10. Good performance of ventilation, heat dissipation, explosion-proof, anti-skid.

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