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Building Facades

In the building facade, the most commonly used metal products are a metal plate, perforated metal plate, metal mesh, metal grating, composite metal sheet, metal sandwich plate, metal fabric and so on.

With the rapid development of China's economy in recent years, people's demand for the shape and decoration of buildings is getting higher and higher. There are many strange and novel "new buildings" emerging. Among many architectural elements, a metal building facade is a form of exterior decoration, it is a kind of exterior decoration which is widely used, with little investment and obvious decoration effect, which is favored by the architects.

Building facades have a long history of development, it focuses on the shelter function of buildings in the early period, it has developed into a building facade component product integrating decoration, shading and other functions of modern architecture.

Building Fencing Facades

The enclosure function is one of the main functions of most metal building facades. The building facade is usually attached to the outdoor part of the building in the form of a fixed grille. In the current construction project, the exterior decoration of the enclosure structure can be classified  into the category of curtain wall, it also integrates various functions such as shading, ventilation, decoration and even anti-theft. The advantages are as follows:

1) adopt the mature system and production process to meet the needs of different building facades and decoration, and cater to the trend of energy conservation and environmental protection;
2) the unique strengthening system can be used for the exterior facade decoration of super high buildings;
3)the surface coating of our aluminium facades panels have excellent properties of scratch resistance, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, ultraviolet resistance;
4) excellent processability, it can be cut and arced according to customer's requirements, it can satisfy various design ideas, its installation and maintenance is simple and flexible, it can reduce the related costs;
5) according to the different requirements of the architect, the design style is rich in plate type, seam, color and installation.

In addition, the aluminium panel facade may be applied to some open building sites, such as balcony, terrace, it can replace the general guardrail of the protective effect. The physical properties of the metal building facades, no matter what kind of material, should include the following aspects:

1) anti-wind performance;
2) deformation performance and earthquake resistance in plane;
3) impact resistance;
4) some products also include watertight performance and airtight performance.

Building Decoration Facades

Building facades can be used as an active building element or decorative means. Its decorative effects vary due to the appearance and structure of the material. The designer should not only control the overall effect of the facade but also take full consideration of the visual effects and use requirements. On the outside facade, architects usually pay attention to the big effect of architectural modeling, scale and so on. On the inside facade, they pay more attention to indoor visual perception, ventilation, lighting, vision, landscape, and other needs. Building decades with excellent design can be integrated with the building, which can not only meet the basic functional requirements but also create unique architectural style and indoor lighting and space effect.

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