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Aluminum & Steel Products For Public Transportation and Utilities

When applied in public transportation and utilities, HY products have many advantages which makes them more suitable for these projects.

When applied in public transportation, like pedestrian bridge, platform, stairs, walkway, catwalk, flooring, and many other places, aluminum grating, aluminum perforated panel, expanded walkway, perforated grating and aluminum stanchions are available. Aluminum products are with light weight which gives a low burden to the whole construction, at the meanwhile it provides good bearing capacity which could ensure the security for people.

Aluminum and steel grating and stanchion can also be used at park, or besides a lake as it’s anti-corrosion. Aluminum and steel grating could be made to different sizes and shapes to meet different designs of projects when used as platform, bridges, pedestrian, catwalks and so on.

HY products could be applied at hospitals, which also proves its safety. Expanded grating is widely used on rooftop as a maintenance platform which is with lightweight and is non-slip with its knurled surface. Aluminum grating and aluminum louver could be used as sun screens outside of building which protect patients and staffs inside away from strong sunlight. Aluminum and steel stanchions are also used for safety access or passage to protect people when walking.

  • Aluminum grating
  • Aluminum louver
  • Perforated panel
  • Expanded walkway
  • Aluminum stanchions
  • Steel grating
  • Steel stanchions

  • Platform
  • Walkway
  • Catwalk
  • Flooring
  • Sun screens
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