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Aluminum Gratings or Carbon Steel Gratings? Whose Anti-corrosion and Anti-rust Ability is Better?

Aluminum gratings and carbon steel gratings are currently widely used in industry, commerce, civil, education, public facilities, offshore engineering and other fields. The main difference is the raw materials of the two gratings: one is aluminum, and the other is carbon steel.

With light weight and the feature of corrosion resistance, the density of aluminum is only one-third of that of carbon steel, guaranteed for 10 to 25 years.

Carbon steel is easy to corrode and rust, and the paint or galvanized layer is easy to fall off, which speeds up the corrosion time.

Carbon steel grating is affected by rain, water vapor, high temperature, high acidity, etc., and the corrosion resistance of steel grating is reduced, which will cause corrosion problems in the galvanized layer. In a humid environment, the galvanized layer of the steel grating will also corrode.

In order to make up for this corrosion characteristic of steel grating, aluminum grating was born. The following is a description of the corrosion resistance of aluminum gratings:

1. High temperature environment:

The aluminum grid plate is made of flat aluminum and square aluminum according to a certain distance through a unique swaged technology. Aluminum oxidizes in the air to form alumina, which has stable properties, high temperature resistance and humidity resistance, and stable chemical properties at room temperature.

2. Humid environment:

Aluminum will form a protective film (oxide film) in humid air, which has strong anti-oxidation ability. Therefore, this kind of aluminum grating made of aluminum is corrosion-resistant and can replace steel grating, highlighting its advantages.

It can be seen that the aluminum grating is better than the carbon steel grating in terms of corrosion resistance and rust resistance. Aluminum grating is a new building material, which is used more and more widely. It has gradually replaced steel grating, stainless steel grating, and colored glass steel.

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