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Aluminum Fixed Window Louvers are the First Choice for Making a Home

1. Why fall in love with window louvers?

The first reason, of course, is that thealuminum fixed window louvers can adjust the brightness of the room at multiple angles, and can also make the light spread evenly and the sense of superior for room.

Second, it protects privacy more than traditional curtains. When the shutter is closed, the convex side of the window louvers faces the house, which is very closed.

Third, it saves more area than curtains. The area of curtains is generally about 1.8 times larger than that of windows, but window louvers are not needed.

Finally, it can shade and ventilate at the same time.

2. How to use aluminum fixed window louvers in his own home?

If the room has a dark tone, you can use the aluminum window louvers of the same dark color, which can make the space look more coordinated. The fine aluminum fixed window louvers are more refreshing and can be used in spaces that require soft and bright light such as balconies or study rooms. In addition, aluminum window louvers are resistant to moisture and corrosion, easy to clean, and can be used in both the bathroom and the kitchen.

3. Partitioning function of aluminum fixed window louvers

One-type or loft-type has limited space, and window louvers can also be used to partition the bedroom and other functional areas, which is transparent and divides the space.

The aluminum window louvers manufactured by HY Industry are fixed, which can be used as external sun protection, as well as building facades, roofs, doors and windows, etc. We have a variety of sizes to meet your different needs, and its beautiful appearance and outstanding performance are widely used in the exterior walls of all buildings. You are welcome to buy!